DESN Badminton Club

Ace Badminton has a deep running association with DESN Badminton Club in Guangzhou.

The DESN Badminton Club was formed in 1998 and is Guangzhou’s first private youth training club. After years of hard work and development, the club is progressively becoming a professional institution. The club’s own training base and offices, self developed resources and its ability to develop their own coaches are the distinguishing characteristics of DESN Badminton Club’s stabilized teaching system.

The club’s training outlets are spread across the district of Guangzhou’s city as it aims to provide badminton classes to the majority of badminton enthusiasts whether they are beginners, intermediate or at an advanced level. The club is slowly developing training centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen and aims to gradually build up this training franchise.

To develop outstanding youth badminton players, DESN badminton Club spares no effort to invest in their own professional training centers, weight rooms and athlete facilities. DESN Badminton Club employs senior coaches to teach young individuals who aspire to join the professional badminton circuit. The club also establishes players of all ages for individuals to participate in various national and international badminton competitions.

Ace Badminton Club can offer you the opportunity to receive specialized training from this very successful institution. If you are interested in this opportunity, please Contact Us.